Sunday, October 02, 2005

No Kissing Please, We are Indians

I am really, really mad after reading this. It reminds me about the furore in the nineties when Shabana Azmi shared a friendly hug and peck on the cheek with Nelson Mandela. We throng to multiplexes to watch our movie stars indulge in sexual acrobatics on screen and we dutifully turn on our TV's to catch the latest extra marital coupling on our favourite soap but if two consenting adults kiss in public our moral antennae go up a couple of feet!!!

This is downright ridiculous that none of the finger pointers actually think that the publishing of said pictures is an invasion of someone's privacy. In a country where almost any stranger feels it his/her moral right to ask a childless couple why they are childless, where neighbours routinely discuss the love life of the one single recluse amongst them, I guess such a notion does not exist.

And for a nation as obssessed with sex as we are ( or how else do you think we reached the 1 billion mark that quick) it is a little hypocritical to come up with such stuff. Or may be we Indians are so used to cutting to the chase in our haste (to make the one billion mark -what else!) that we never had any need for all that kissing stuff.


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Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

Welcome to the hypocrisy of humankind

jive said...

yeah ..the moral police sucks!