Saturday, October 22, 2005

I Did It

Yes, today I managed to do the unthinkable, the unattainable...I managed to sleep till noon. Ever since I started working I have found it very difficult to sleep late on weekends. But today was different. I did the usual tossing and turning at 6:30 AM ( my usual time to wake up)....but I persevered and did not get out of bed. The fact that it was raining outside also helped. I slept on and dreamt warm fuzzy dreams of being served breakfast in bed by tall dark handsome men. By12:00 pm my stomach was rioting and would not wait any longer for the tall dark handsome men with food trays to materialize out of thin air. So I got up and made myself a nice fat Spanish omlette with lots of good stuff inside and then stepped out for some much needed retail therapy. The new car set me back by a few quid recently (to be rather modest) and on realising that, I had made a deal with myself - no more shopping till March. But like all my new year resolutions this one was also broken and I just came back with a nice , pretty white sweater. And it was promptly put into the cupboard with all my other sweaters....sigh!!

My life since my last post has been rather undramatic. I watched a bunch of movies. Proof was so so and left me confused. I could not decided which story I wanted to hold on to. Was it a love story, was it a story of paternal love, was it about the pain of disease and the burden of nursing....I still cannot make up my mind and I don't like the feeling. The comparisons with a Beautiful Mind are only natural. I loved G. Paltrow and Jake G is turning out to be the nerdy woman's dream...yummy yum!!! Also watched this monstrosity called "Metallica -Some kind of Monster" where the band members of Metallica prove what a bunch of moronic twits they are in the first 5 minutes and proceed to drive the point home for the remaining 115 minutes. Thanks to Netflix, I have been catching up on some mainstream Hindi movies too. I watched Page 3 and Bhumika. Page 3 was an hour too long and Bhumika made me angry. But a learned friend tells me that any movie:
  • whose abbreviated title does not have atleast two K's or D's along with some other random alphabets thrown in for variety
  • that does not have a English one liner as sub text for its title
  • or does not have a writhing female appear randomly ever 30 minutes or so
cannnot truly claim to be Hindi. After being traumatised by the likes of DDLJ, KKKG (K3G anyone) I am a little unwilling to venture that way unfortunately. So according to learned friend I watched two Indian films and not neccesarily two Hindi films then...very weird I tell you.

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