Saturday, October 08, 2005

The Day the Earth Shook and Other Half Stories

After two days and three nights of constant raining the Rain Gods finally called it quits. Was woken up by my Dad at 4:30 AM on one of those rainy mornings to be informed about the earthquake. He was worried about future family members in Islamabad. They are safe but the number of victims has been climbing ever since.

Then Stan went ahead and destroyed scores of Guatemalan villages. I tried hard to figure out(after the customary tsk, tsking about the whole affair)Durga's conveyance of choice for the year (Google was no help on this front for once).True blue Bengali's might understand the significance of the above statement. Brakes were applied rather abruptly to this train of thought for the fear of turning into one's Mom.

A childhood friend came to town and will be living close by for the next six weeks. Childhood friend...hmmmm...nice phrase...brings a warm fuzzy feeling, excites a certain kind of pride. Perhaps the pride of achievement at the fact that some relationships remain untouched by time and space. We must have done something right.

Went to the Kalibari for Shasthi and found more than half of DC's Bengali population there. After much debating (while listening to hilarious pleas by the organisers to keep quiet) we left without getting any bhog.

The band is breaking up. The lead singers have graduated and left/will be leaving for other parts of the country to start life anew. It was good while it lasted.

What else..I had some good German wine, a piece of will-kill-my-grandmom-for-it good Tiramisu (if you have a Whole Foods store nearby go and get their Tiramisu) and a good Lebanese meal of kababs and mehisi malfouf (lamb and rice rolled in cabbage leaves) over the weekend.

One more thing...This and this made me really happy. Many thanks to the good bloke who added the subtitles.


Amlan said...

Yikes! I completely forgot Pal's parents are in Islamabad. Thank God everything is all right.

Ph said...

And you are practically a neighbor. Whatdoyouknow.

Gamesmaster G9 said...

Hey, can I use your 55 word story for this compilation?

Anyesha said...

ph: What????

g9: Sure, go ahead. That is a pretty neat idea.