Thursday, September 22, 2005

Zoom Zoom...Crash...Zoom Zoom Zoom

So we hit a deer (or put another way, an overtly suicidal deer ran into us) last Saturday. Luckily for us the only casualty was the deer (stupid thing!!!) and our headlight. Most of you who visit this blog might have noticed that on more than one occasion I have tended to rant about my car troubles. This is hopefully the last rant because two days after the accident we brought her home. SHE is a 2006 Toyota Corrolla LE with 5 speed manual transmission and lots of other cool features that I am yet to figure out. She packs a mean 126 hp of power compared to the 92 hp of our older Honda Accord. Her mileage figures are super cool and her turning radius ...wooo haa. And I have a sneaky feeling that she has more brains than some of the people around me!!!

It was quite an experience going from slime-ball dealer number one to goof-ball dealer number two before settling for dealer number three. And just when you think its over they spring the really creepy (think backbrushed, oily hair types) financial manager on your unsuspecting self.

Another thing, an accquaintance was a little dissapointed by my rather common choice of car* and this reminded me of Sagnik's hypothesis. Some men really look upon cars as an out-of-body, for-the-viewing-pleasure-of-thronging-masses-type manifestation of their private appendage.

PS: Go watch Lord of War if you haven't.
*Declaration of the Day: I have no problems conforming to any racial stereotypes as long as it makes my wallet and the environment happy.


Sagnik Nandy said...

kudos on the new car - post photo soon

Venu Nemani said...
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Venu Nemani said...

I thought you would get a Prius:-(

Anyesha said...

Sagnik: Yeah will post one soon...once the excitement has subsided a little

Venu: Would have loved too...but the wallet was not very happy...besides maintenance is a hassle as not many mechanics (even at dealerships!!) no how to handle it!!!