Monday, September 12, 2005

Busy Busy Busy...

The last few days have been very very hectic. My parents were wrapping up their visit which usually means the following set of events will unfold with clock work like precision:

1. My Dad will suddenly get obsessive compulsive about packing...mind you he is totally incapable of packing two shirts neatly into a 36" inch suitcase.
2. My Mom will refuse to listen to Dad's rants about packing and go about with life rather nonchalantly.
3. Event Number 2 will lead to some more frustrated ranting from Dad ( this is when I normally step out for some fresh air).

Needless to say the above protocol was followed religiously this time around. My Dad walked about muttering something about the possible disaster scenarios involving unpacked lugggage while my Mom and I went shopping (I needed the fresh air and Mom had to do something unrelated to packing). On the way the car started making weird noises in the middle of the highway and I had to pull over to the shoulder. As I stood peering into the engine, my knight in shining armor arrived (or so I thought). Apparently checking out the innards of your car infront of the NSA exit qualifies as suspicious activity and might categorise you as a homeland security threat. To put it plainly, the friendly, good looking guy who materialised out of no where was there to check if we were the Bin Laden clan!!! To cut a long story short, we cut short our trip (that is funny!!) and headed home where Mom proceeded to tell Dad about the CIA guys who...the US visit was now officially complete!!

The car trouble turned out to be some harmless little plumbing issue. The house seems vaguely empty now. The block of German cheese in the refrigerator is lonely and I need to go and get him some friends.


Ishan said...

hehe..the spam industry is catching up with your blog..I got the same spam on my blog too :) and its totally automated.

Swathi said...

my first time here, u write humourously well,
I'm gonna keep re-visiting