Friday, September 16, 2005

And the Word Count Is...

So I got tagged (yew! the word reminds me of horrible mangy dogs in cruel leashes) with the 55 word short story chain by Sagnik and here is what my addled brain could come up with at the end of the work week.


“Do you want to keep these?”, he asked.
She took one last look at that bundle of tattered letters from another time in her life.
“No, throw them away”, she said and walked away with an enigmatic smile to help the packers.

She had waited long for this day.

PS: This exercise reminded me of the awkward précis writing exercises that were foisted on us by our evil school system ages and ages ago.

PPS: its my turn to pass on the bug!! So will the following people:
Anoop, Antara, Ayush, Subhamoy and Vishnu
please consider themselves tagged.


Sagnik Nandy said...

you wont believe - the school precis writing was exactly what came to my mind. i dot know if you had to actually make a grid in school - we had to do it :( and then create a rough draft followed by the mail version :))

Anyesha said...

Absolutely...the whole thing was so unpractical. Infact the trick was to make a rough draft (or two!!) even if you did not need one....just to prove that you were dilligent.

Kumari said...

Precisely my point; Evil evil school system :)
Nice story.