Monday, August 15, 2005

Welcome to our World

On Saturday night at around 11:49 PM, Little Miss Rai let out the first of her many howls to let us know how she did not appreciate being surrounded by bright lights, smiley faces and that-oh-so-horrible air on her first day out. Subhamoy and I went in half an hour after her arrival and made the most appropriate cooing and billing noises. Pictures were clicked and the mom was congratulated for being brave and strong, as the proud father stood around explaining to his infant how the last meal she had had (while inside her mother's belly) had been Ethiopian!!!


Amlan said...

Gosh! Congratulations to the proud parents!! I'm still having a tough time imagining Pal Cooooo-ing to a baby. :))

Anyesha said...

He actually did very well...he gushed more than I did...I just stood around dazed.

blocs said...

congratulations to the parents and may God bless the newly-born:)