Thursday, August 11, 2005

Migratory Patterns of the US-bound Common Desi

It is that time of the year again. The seasons are changing and soon the species Indianus Graduateus (also known locally as the Common Desi or just Desi) will start landing in droves at various US airports. Like almost all other migratory species this one is also looking for greener pastures. According to the malicious members of the local Wildlife Watch Society however, the more colorful birds usually migrate in search of better mating grounds!!! Infact some of these birdies pick up the quacks, coos and preens of foreign species before their flight, as this is believed to enhance their chances of mating in the foreign land. The self same organization has actually called for an entry ban on this species as it endangers local fauna back home. At this time of the year, the male of the species look alike in their standard issue “full pant and full shirt”. This attire was donned in anticipation of the cold-cold weather up north. Soon the not so cold weather will force them to adapt and start wearing shorts and t shirts – such my dears is the law of nature. They will continue to wear this till the weather turns really cold (in about three month’s time) when they will enrobe themselves in thick coats of waterproof material. In scientific parlance it is usually known as the Burlington Coat Factory (BCF) Coat after the good people at BCF who first discovered it. The BCF coat will protect them from the elements outside and also render them indistinguishable rotund blobs to the foreign eye.

After a few seasons of rapidly changing weather, most of them will adapt well to their new surroundings. Some will find love and start building nests while some will continue looking for love in all the wrong places. Some will figure that love is as multi hued as the rainbow in the heavens above. Through thick and thin most of the flock will stick together, though an occasional one will stray (only to find himself/herself quickly ostracized and ridiculed by the flock). At the end, when the time comes for the flock to make the return journey home it will have considerably reduced in size. The old birds that will stay behind in their Pursuit of Happiness will wait for the next batch of younglings to arrive. And while they wait they will get together occasionally to discuss their first faltering steps, their loves, their lives and the next round of airport pickups!!!

4 comments: said...

funny, but this reminds me of something...a fruity male voice talking about teenagers, some pseudo documentary spoof??? Now where did I see it. But hey, this was fun too.

Anyesha said...
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Anyesha said...

Was it by any chance called " Mating Habits of The Earthbound Human" where a fruity male voice ( supposedly that of an alien) examines a male human as he goes about the courtship ritual!!
That movie, the sight of the new arrivals (I live in an university town) and the fact that I had been asked to help with some airport pickups prompted to go on berserk here.

rash said...

Oh the BCF!!!... now I know why I don't fit in that well with the desi gang ;)
**note to self- buy one as soon as possible**