Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Happy Blog Day Everyone

So now that we have a blog day, lets get started with the associated rituals. Blog surfing has become a form of recreation for me ever since I started reading blogs - jumping from one blog to another, daydreaming about the people who write them and their lives (I actually have a draft of something I wrote about these tendencies of mine which I should post soon). Somewhere along the line I started writing my own personal blog with the objective of telling close friends what I am upto without having to send individual emails. Anyways without getting all gooey eyed here are the five that come to mind:

~I usually need my daily dose of Nandy-isms to function well (okay, that is exaggerating it a bit!!). I can proudly say that I went to school with the author and my conversations with him in those days were rather limited to requests to pass on gatecalls (more on that later). Who knew he had such hidden depths?

~I am also quite fond of the knackerbrod blog written by Amylou. I found her through one of the many food blogs that I frequently haunt. But unlike other food writers, she writes a lot more about her life than food. Her descriptions of life in Sweden are really sweet and almost mirror our lives out here - that of young people trying to make a foreign country home.

~Then there is Clotilde -the lover of all things chocolate-y and zucchini-ish. Her's was the first food blog I came across while I was researching the topic before starting our own collaborative effort at writing one. Her posts are simple, unpretentious and totally from the heart; besides she reminds me terribly of Julie Delpy and the girl who played Amelie in the eponymously named movie.

~I occassionally visit the sad old Bong who inspite of the wobbly knees of old age still retains a healthy vigor for the many vices of youth. I am told he works for the Indian Government, which leads me to wonder why he doesn't update his blog daily...come one don't we all know what the gorment types are like!!

~ Now finally to make this list as diverse as it can get, let me mention Jay from Malay. Funny, quirky, talented and brutally honest -here is another south east Asian looking for some attention on the web.

By the way, I shall be politically correct and point out that the order of this list is completely random and does not reflect any selective preference for one or the other. I have never been very good with " 5 best", "10 worst", " 354 most " type of lists...I want them all and that is the problem. Some of these blogs feature in the links section of my blog, some don't.Then there are others whom I know from high, undergrad or grad school years and these are people that I visit regularly just to keep myself updated with the latest tit bits of their lives. But these are not the kind of blogs, the Blog Day ritual is about. So go on and make your own list.

PS: Techincally you are supposed to recommend five "new" blogs...but that I believe is quite subjective. There are some other rules too,which I have dutifully disobeyed. Anyways if anyone is interested check out their original site here.

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