Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Fwd:Fwd: Fwd:

On any given day, I normally open my computer to find atleast one forward from someone I know. Today it was this. It's interesting, provides a pleasant diversion and in my case it temporarily blocks out the murderous thoughts I was harbouring towards some whiny, complaining, pain in the you-know-where citizen. If the forward catches my fancy (these are usually sent by a select group of friends) I might forward it to some of my other friends. On the other hand, some will be ruthlessly erased just because I do not hold the sender in high regard (Yes, I am mean and judgemental...so what?).

But today I got thinking about something else. Usually these forwards are forwarded to the sender by someone else (called X for simplicity) and further scrutiny usually reveals that X got it from Y and so on till the mail server hacks of the forward list. I go through them,let my eyes casually stroll through the list of addresses to check where it came from and then forget about it. I have to admit that I do my share of useless web surfing everyday during which time I hog the bandwith, forage the cyber world for the most tedious and irrelevant bits of information and chase stupid links to weird sites. On the rare occassion that I do find something remotely intriguing and accurate, I forward it to my friends. But it never catches on, it never ever stirs up a spam-every-person-on-your address-book frenzy that some of these forwards seem to generate.

So where do most of these forwards come from and who are these people who start them in the first place? At a recent party we met a proffesional spammer and now I would really like to meet a proffesional forwarder. I am sure someone is getting paid to painstakingly type out the sardar jokes, then pack it into neat little bundles and send it hurtling into the cyber world (agreed the last two steps are done by your mail server). Pary tell me, who is sitting by a computer and transcribing those lists which go "you know you are an Indian when" or " the differences between men and women"? And then there is another thought that is slowly creeping into my head and now into my fingers while I type...What if there is a office full of weirdo's (like mumbling Milton from Office Space) churning out all the Internet jokes, flash films and like out there? And for the true alien conspiracy theorist, well this could all be part of a bigger alien strategy to dumb us down by inundating us with useless information. In a couple of generations we will might all turn into internet forward junkies and they( sush...they are listening!!!) can take over!!!

Now could some proffesional forwarder kindly paraphrase the last part of the previous paragraph and send it out as an email forward. When it finally comes back to me someday I can have the vicarious pleasure of starting off a spam-every-person-on-your address-book frenzy.


Subhamoy Pal said...

I used to know someone in Pilani. (A guy who used to give you stuffed toys) He used to sit at IPC with newspaper clippings of things that he had liked in the Sunday TOI glossy pages. He would type them out and send them to all his friends. A true internet content provider.

Anonymous said...

yes...the illusions are so strong that it feels that we humans are so helpless/incompetent in front of nature!!

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

Good one. Coming up - rant against chain mail?


Anyesha said...

Subhamoy: For the records, it was teddy bear and please note that it was no ordinary bear...it actually sang. And thanks for reminding me...
Anon: I am slightly lost here.
JAP: Thanks. I think I am done with ranting for the time being and besides I for one don't get enough chain mail. Doesn't it also happen to fall in the same category....some weird person with no life might be sitting in his little cubicle and generating chain mails too.