Friday, July 15, 2005

Humid Afternoons, Monopoly and the Scanner

The weather for the last few days can be best described as cloudy with humongous amounts of moisture in the air. The rains in the evening completely mess up all our evening plans. A few evenings back we stayed at home and played Monopoly. I have to admit I am not particularly enamoured by the game. I can never muster up enough ambition and drive to play the game with conviction. So the game kept dragging on till Subhamoy dropped by. Now he is one of the more vicious players I have known – the unscrupulous wheeling dealing types. Within 30 minutes of him stepping in, Mom left to make chappatis’ for dinner and soon enough I declared the game over after I was left with one dollar after paying some huge penalties/rents.
Yesterday we had a Meet the Parents type party in the evening which was also a platform for the band to play for the parents. For a change there was another set of parents - nice surprise for my folks.
And here are a few pictures of myself from the B/W era.My mother got them from India and I have been scanning them over the past few days. Clockwise from left: Me -before I could walk, me with Ma - the good days that wouldn't last and finally me trying to look pleased with my sis....more pictures later as and when they get scanned.


blocs said...

sweet memories...never to part with:)

wandering dervish said...

excellent, more please!:)

Ishan said...

kind of reminds me of my own photograph...strange...most kids (at least Bengali ones) look so similar at that age.

Anyesha said...

Me: that's true
Wandering Dervish: Will show you the rest when you drop by
Ishan: If we both looked alike as toddlers, I really want to thank God for the miracle which happened in between and made us so different.

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