Thursday, July 14, 2005

The Fogs Have Cleared And....

My parents have discovered the joy of broadband internet and spend the better part of the day squabbling about who gets to use the computer. Infact my Mom is positively hooked to the little card games on the PC. We have been doing the rounds of the local tourist attractions with them (and believe it or not the IKEA store counts as a tourist attraction on my list). Though at times it’s a little difficult to judge what they might like, nature trails and forest-y places seem to be working in general. The trip to Great Falls, Virginia was a hit and I learnt that:

Yesterday we went over to Amrit’s place to check out Alap’s new bass guitar and the effects box…very cool value additions to the band which will certainly increase the depth of the band’s performance. The next performance is scheduled for the July 23rd at the Nyumburu Center in College Park.

Subho and I are getting a little tired of Cable TV in all its glory (with 400 channels of inanity). For the lack of quality programming we land up watching movies that we have already watched again and again. In the past few days we have revisited the last LOTR movie, Finding Nemo, Pirates of the Carribean (Orlando Bloom is oh so dishy!!!) and The Anchorman. The only good thing about Cable TV are the multiple reruns of "Friends" and BBC. So once the three month low-rate, trial period is over, Comcast shall get a call and it shall be "bye bye digital cable, hello basic cable". Ha, the god old days with just MPT to watch shall be back.

I also watched Troy - the movie. Hollywood has managed to turn yet another hero ( a Greek hero for that) into an all American, broody, brawny with oodles of raw sex appeal type cave man...what else do you expect from a movie which has Brad Pitt playing Achilles with highlighted blond hair!! Orlando Bloom as Paris and Eric Bana as Hector were not enough to redeem the movie from scorching to cinders under Brad Pitt's sex appeal!!!


Kumari said...

Guess what? We've been watching the same movies too and i truly love LOTR & Finding Nemo.

Troy was good just for Brad Pitt tho' i thought Eric Bana looked more like a warrior than Brad did...other than that i found the movie had nothing to offer, even for Peter O'Toole :(

Anyesha said...

Bana's role was Banal and Brad Pitt just hit the pits with his...Anyway we moved on to Harry Potter last night...its a good idea to watch movies you have already watched as its like a refresher course.
I love Finding Nemo...its what a children's animation film should be like unlike that other horror Shark's Tale.