Thursday, June 16, 2005

Late Night Walks, Ice Cream and DDLJ

After a long long time, we went out for ice cream. Supratik , Ayush, Theron, Subhamoy and myself walked all the way to our little downtown for it. Prior to this Ayush had been trying to force Theron to watch DDLJ ( it was supposed to be Assignment 3 of Familiarise Yourself With Indian Culture 101). We all sat around and watched it (rather tried to watch it) as we had nothing else to do...soon enough we had forgotten all about DDLJ and started a grand discussion about the lack of Shahrukh's acting skills. Theron kept mumbling random Indian phrases to impress us and probably to convince Ayush that he needed no more educating.I believe somewhere along the line he also developed an urge for ice cream. After declaring "DDLJ is an accquired taste" Ayush decided to go out for ice cream...and all of us just tagged along. The idea was to have Chef Lou's Icecream (a blog about him shall follow sometime later) but we were late by about 3 hours. So we settled for the Mini Mart Icecream which was relished under the open skies - very very Kodak momentsy. The not so great part was that Hixie did not come out...she sat inside her living room and gave us some really cute feline looks.


Anoop said...

Compared to a crap like 'Cinderella Man' DDLJ is a masterpiece. I loveit!
Read Charles Taylor's review of DDLJ on Salon.

Ayush said...

yeah the icecream trip was great! I think we should do more such random spontaneous things during the summer. But next time I am going for me second round of ice-cream, please STOP ME!

on DDLJ:
For the record, it was Theron who borrowed the movie from a county library, without me making any suggestions; In fact, it was meant as a surprise for me! However, it was sad that he did not appreciate the movie; I agree that Shar rukh does not look exactly like a just-out-of-school boy, but still the movie was sweetly made, is very rich in emotion without being garish like many other bollywood productions and has awesome songs.

but then again, I am also the one who appreciates hindi movies; and even if a hindi movie was bad, I would prefer bollywood trash to hollywood trash (well, not always, but..)

Sagnik Nandy said...

DDLJ rocks :)

Anyesha said...

Anoop: I am not listening...tra la la la..

Ayush: Sorry about the mess up...but to me it looked like Indian Culture 101 unfortunately.

Sagnik: Et could you!!!