Monday, June 27, 2005

Heavenly Golden Orbs That Delight

I have been so preoccupied with setting up my new apartment that I forgot to make a note about something very small and important that happened some time back. I had awesome mangoes after what seemed like ages and it made me very happy.

It brought back memories of hot tepid afternoons - very quiet except for the hum of the air cooler (this sudden suspension of the day's activities would somehow make the heat more bearable). Then as the evening descended and life came back to normal, we would wait eagerly for Baba to come home. On his way back home, Baba would always pick up the family favourites - green Langras for himself,slender yellow Dussehri's for Ma, big huge Bainganphalli's for my sister and me. In our innocent mind it seemed like we were getting more bang for the buck with the ugly eggplant shaped magoes than those slender flavourful ones favoured by Mom. Post dinner we would sit around and have mangoes and cold milk - hmmm heaven. Sunday's however were reserved for the Chuski...these are little mangoes that you squish with your hands, taking care not to puncture the skin. Once you have managed to get the pulp inside all goooey, you make a hole at the top and suck it out....voila the original, natural Frooti for you.

There are other memories too - from times not that far back in the past. The summer of 2001 was on its way out when we figured we had not tasted the season's best pick. I was to leave for the US soon, another friend was leaving for the UK in a forthnight...our group of friends was going to disperse and we had not had mangoes together - utter disgrace. We decided to set it right and marched to the nearest fruit market. At nine in the night everything was closed, except for this one seller who was packing to leave...we proceeded to haggle ( another highly missed activity) for 5 kgs of his leftovers...obviously there was no resistance!!!. The mangoes were promptly consumed as soon as we reached home - with bare hands in the most uncouth manner!!! And I would like to believe that those were really nice mangoes for it was the last time I had mangoes in India.


Ishan said...

Not to speak of all the tormuj that we would slurp with the rosh dripping down the elbow and then spitting out the seeds. The sun, loadshedding and black and white TV somehow added to it.

Anyesha said...

Oh yeah the could I forget it.Then there was the kancha aam too.

Sagnik Nandy said...

eeeesh! i miss magoes a lot. another thing in my house is the fight over who eats what part of the mangoes - like i dont eat the aanti.

Anyesha said...

Sagnik: That is the best part...ummmm I love the aanti. You can keep sucking at it and savouring the flavour long after others have finsihed eating the more "prized" parts of the fruit.

Megha said...

Ah mangoes! The fruit of the gods! (Don't they pretty much say something like that about every fruit at some point or the other?) Nothing like hot Sunday afternoons spent devouring mangoes. And curd rice. The south-Indian in me cannot resist adding that. Mangoes and curd rice - that's what childhood was all about :)

Oh, and I loved your food blog. Can't wait to try out some of the recipes!

Came by here from your comment on my blog. Sorry it took a while to make the trip over. I hope you saw my reply about creating categories and it answered your question somewhat? If not let me know, and i'll try and confuse you some more :)


Anyesha said...

Megha: I agree mangoes in form are great. Since we are talking about food..there is this heavenly Mallu dish called "Manga Kootan"...a combination of ripe mangoes and coconut- a match made in culinary heaven. Its even made proud north Indians ( who claim its a sacrilege to cook ripe mangoes!!) turn docile. Thanks for stopping by and am glad you liked the cooking blog...I needed the info on creating categories for it.