Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Untitled- For the Lack of A Title

After a Three day weekend, I am back at work and can barely keep my eyes open. The first day of the week is usually horrible for me. By midweek I am much better and can actually get a lot done. Anyhow, this weekend was relatively crazy and that explains the drowsy state of affairs at this end.
Friday and Saturday were spent perfecting the numbers for the band's performance on Sunday. We reached the venue by 11:00 am on Sunday, only to find it desolate. By the time we had finished setting up, we saw a few people trundle in....we finally started playing at around 1:00 pm ( two hours behind schedule). The first few numbers were lost on the crowd as most people were busy eating. Sowmya's Telugu rendition of "Choti Si Asha" got the audience interested and after that we were on a roll. Amrit was a big hit with the kids, infact towards the end he had a quite a fan following. The food was good and yes...we are finally a proffesional band...wink wink!!
Yesterday we spent a lazy afternoon at home with friends and good food. By the time everyone left after evening tea, we just had enough time for a walk, a quick dinner and two episodes of ATGB.
Weekend Movie: The House of Flying Daggers is a visually stunning movie with little emotional impact. The colors in each scene have been balanced, fine tuned and perfected to such an extent that it looks like an ad for some image processing software. I was thoroughly convinced that they shot the last duel in snow because the red of blood looks better against the white of snow ( blood red and green grass don't look that good after all). Later on as we went through the extra stuff on the DVD we were informed that the film crew was caught in the middle of a freak snow storm in Ukraine while shooting the last scene and they just continued shooting...hence the appearence of snow. Overall the movie is just a Chinese version of any generic boy-meets-girl-who-is-estranged-from-her-lover story where the boy and girl fall in love, girl discovers she does not like old lover anymore which leads to angery old lover going on a rampage and loads of blood and gore ( we just love that red stuff splashing all over!!). Take this basic cliched storyline, throw in loads of sad Chinese songs with vague revolutionary lyrics (the lyrics are too fool you into believing there is something more deep, more Zen, more metaphorical about the movie), add some pretty trees and bushes, then dress up your actors in opulent color coodinated costumes and what you get is " The House of Flying Daggers". And another thing you should always start your movie with some Chinese inscriptions which read "859 AD China- The Tang dynasty was growing more corrupt and forcing people to drink tea out of smaller and smaller tea cups"...okay the part about the tea cups is a little overboard, but going by this movie...I think the audience would actually be a little more intrigued if they said that. I was willing to give this movie the"oh! so much is lost in translation" treatment after the first time. I watched it the second time over to make sure...sure it has some good moments...but nah!! don't go out of your way to watch it.


Amlan said...


My review of House of Flying Daggers is very similar. There is also a hint of Crouching Tiger in it. The cinematography is indeed brilliant. Actually, I'd go watch it just for the perfect renderings. In general the movie does manage to engage the audience (I saw it in a theater and thus the immersion was a lot more) though I thought the ending was ridiculously melodramatic and a little silly.

Anyesha said...

ATGB is this British sitcom called As Time Goes By....very cutesy and funny (actually I watch it because it feels very homely...Judy Dench and her grumpy ex boyfriend turned husband bumble through life beatifully and have ocassional rows and words). We are going through a phase of ATGB at home right now.
As for HoFD...I felt that I would have enjoyed the movie more in a theatre...since its more about beauty and less about content anyway.