Friday, May 06, 2005

Thank God I am Straight

The Montgomery County Public School Systems efforts at being a forward thinking have been squashed once again. The new sex education curriculum apparently will encourage young men and women down the sinful path of homosexuality. It is really funny and it reminds me of this other situation. One of my projects in the past involved the installation of a traffic signal to improve traffic safety and operations on a State Roadway. The side street led into a little quite neighborhood. Half the neighborhood wanted the signal and other half was up in arms against it. This was strange, as in my experience the public loves traffic signals and no one ever says no them. At a public meeting the dissenting voices came forward and claimed that a traffic signal would increase traffic in their dinky neighborhood. Do you guys see a similarity here? I do. Let me explain- the only people entering the neighborhood were people who lived there. A traffic signal was unlikely to turn it into a tourist attraction and waylay harried commuters on their way home just as the new sex education class is unlikely to turn straight people gay. This silly (sorry I have no other word for it) way of thinking can be attributed to:

  • Most people hate change (positive or negative) and the older you grow the more rigid you become.
  • Most people have a totally misplaced sense of self importance. Heck people get a life!!

And what is this whole brouhaha about ex gays…how can you be ex gay? They probably mean bisexual I think? As in if they were gay and have recanted and are fornicating in the religiously correct way (with women that is) they are certainly bisexual. Let me go and read what Ayush says about this once more!! Thank God I am straight atleast when I am sober….under intoxication ….well that’s another blog for another day.


Sagnik Nandy said...

they actually havethe term "ex gay??" :)) reminds me of this quote from FRIENDS where Joey sez to Ross

"It just seems like Ross is the kind of guy that would marry a woman on the verge of being a lesbian and then push her over the edge"

btw, very interestigly written post

Ayush said...

Hmmm, let me just clarify a point. Sexuality could be fluid. and a person once gay/str8/bisexual could feel otherwise sometime later. I think usually, the fluidity is not as strong as going from cannot (truly) comprehend being straight to cannot (truly) comprehend being gay. But you know there is some margins of movement. These are complex topics still under research.

But I do not think (and i think about this strongly) that one does not need the Ex-gay ministries to tell them that being gay is an abomination in the eyes of god, that it is due to a dominant mother or abusive father, and thus they should change!

If it is fluid, let it flow on its own! I don't need no scripture to tell me so!

Anyesha said...

Sagnik: yes they have a term ex-gay and the word mint that goes by the name of American media is probably more adept at churning out clever twists/turns of phrases to describe every little nuance of human sexuality than anything else. And each new term is also slightly more sensational

Ayush:The Fluid Dynamics of SeX....good, good!!.. can I have two whole wheat pancakes with loads of syrup with that...and please ask Theron what he wants before you start preparing breakfast on Sunday...we don't want to waste time on useless discussions, do we?

Amlan said...

Now that Anyesha has at last allowed me to post comments... I wish we (I don't mean us per se, but society at large) weren't so obsessed with sexuality and all the realted moral repercussions that get constructed off it.

Instead, understand that there are many ways in which any two individuals can relate to each other. On a completely cerebral level at one end of the spectrum and a completely physical level at another. Of course I recognize those two as possible terminators to my spectrum of relationships... Others may come up with a different set of extremes to their spectrums and soon we have a circle with infinite diameters, each represnting a way of relating. It also implies that all these diameters still agree on the center... which is an uniform policy of respect and tolerance for strangers. Then suddenly all this broo-haa-haa about gay, str8, bi-,tri, fluidity-rigidity, gay_t--, gay_t++ etc... running from one stereotype to another, denying one identity only to be mold into another... woof!

Anyway... All I am saying is I'm a little sick of these constructs, (the "gay" lifestyle is as terrible a construct as the "stereotypical male and female" roles).

Of course, if it all became that cool, conservative politicians and gay activists would be out of a job, much to the delight of the latter and extreme chagrin of the former.

Anoop said...

"Sexuality could be fluid" - sure, Anne Heche kind of proved that. It can be like fashion too. Fall - being dyke is in; oh now its spring, time to be a cool hetero.

Amlan said...

Ha! Ha! Ha!!... So whats in fashion this spring??

Meanwhile check this out...

Ayush said...

sexuality is fluid; spray it on :)

anoop: summer is on; ah! maybe its all the hot gay men responsible for the heat

Anyesha said...

Wow, my post popular post till date. I should write more incendiary stuff to galvanise everyone into some action!!!

freak said...

nice post dude