Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Tea Break

I have been trying to figure out this set of traffic plans and impact studies for a county school intent on improving its parking and onsite circulation. Seems to make sense on the micro level, but there is something that just doesn't seem right.Decided to take a tea break and blog for sometime to clear my head instead.

Off late I have been too imersed in planning- planning for the new place, planning for the impending wedding ( which is still a year away), planning for a surprise party. I am terribly proud of my detailed plans for the new place. I just can't wait for June 15th when I can take possesion of the new apartment. I will miss the present apartment though, but the fun side to all this is that I figured out that I love the ritual of planning( specially the part when I get to make notes and spread sheets and then comparison shop for stuff).

The tea's over and I need to go back to my plans.. ciao.

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