Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Rain in the Woods

Last evening I went for a walk after the evening drizzle had stopped. In the woods it was still raining as the trees tried to shake off the insolent drops of water clinging to their leaves. Apart from the surly cat by the bridge, all the other residents of the woods had taken cover. The blue birds went about quitely(for a change) trying to get their feathers dry. The quiet peace was only occassionally broken by the piter pater of rain in the tree tops. It was nice to have the lake all to myself for those few moments. One of these days I will upload some pictures and also find some time to look up some of the birds that I see on my walks. Talking about birds, this year there seems to be an unusual number of colorful birds in the woods...wonder why they stopped by this year...not that I am complaining.


Amlan said...

Get a bird chart. We have a chart in our kitchen, that helps identify colorful birds, so we can quickly refer to it whenever a stranger stops by the bath in the back yard. Usually, we have a bunch of robins and blue jays and some black birds stopping by. I wonder if the bird demographics in MD is similar to that in Seattle.

Anyesha said...

Do you know where I can get one of those...I thought I would refer to some book in the local library.
I don't think the bird demographic in MD will be the same as Washington.

Amlan said...

I'll get you one, one of these days.