Tuesday, May 17, 2005

New Restaurant Discovered

For some time now I have been planning on posting a bunch of shorter posts instead of long rambles - soundbites for the ADHD afflicted amongst us. So as the subject line says - its about this new restaurant that Subho and I visited this weekend. Mark's Kitchen is a cosy cafeteria style eating joint in Takoma Park. The food is Asian with a garnish of Fusion on top. Subho had the spinach tofu cakes with brown rice and soy-raspberry vinaigrette -Yummm!!! and I had the Royal Sampler box with chicken. I thought the sampler box was adorably cute...it came in box (duh!) with compartments (like the Japanese lunch boxes) and had shitake mushrooms, beans, soy nuts, teriyaki chicken and brown rice....Yummm Yummm!! We polished all these off with Ventian coffee. Though this place is known for its freshly made juices, I would highly recommend the Venetian coffee for dessert. Its 16 ounces of black coffee topped off with whipped cream and vanilla ice cream...they even made us two small 8 ounce ones instead of the standard size. And all this for the princely sum of 23 dollars ( with tips).

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Ayush said...

yeah, I ate at Mark's Kitchen on the day of 'Dining Out for Life'. Its a very nice place and very well reputed; Interestingly I also ate tofu spinach cakes! have to go back there sometime.