Tuesday, May 17, 2005

New Life Form Spotted

Atleast new for me. A pair of gigantic beavers (more like overfed groundhogs according to a passer by) were spotted on Saturday afternoon at the Greenbelt Lake. The pair of them were contently pecking and cleaning each other up till we humans chanced on them. These two were not very shy either, after throwing a couple of confused glances our way they continued doing their stuff and indulging in some more beaver coochie coo. A rather rattled Mama duck fussed over her young ones in the mud nearby. Continued on our merry way after saying hello to Mama duck and her brood. Our merry way lead us to the Greenman Festival...which was just another ocassion for the hippies who sit around at the Cafe to have some fun and sell some leather masks, handmade chappals, fairy wings and pixie dust amongst other things. Landed up buying a little puch from Sheryl - the nice waitress at the Cafe.

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