Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The Interpreter

We watched the latest Sean Penn- Nicole Kidman thriller on Friday. Finally with the Bourne Movies and now “The Interpreter”, Hollywood has started moving away from the oh-so-cool-but- chauvinistic Bond movies with its myopic world view to more contemporary thrillers set in a contemporary world where terrorism comes in many guises. I firmly believe Sean Penn is one of the most under rated actors in Hollywood. He plays the character of Tobin Keller (a federal agent) with the perfect mix of anguish and restrain. As a man who has just lost his wife he empathizes with Nicole’s loss, yet he never lets us or her forget that he has a job at hand. Nicole Kidman is an interpreter at UN who happens to overhear a death threat being made against an African leader. Its been said that the character of the African leader is supposed to be based loosely on Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe. The film revolves around Sean Penn trying to protect the said African leader as well as keep Nicole Kidman alive. Nicole Kidman does an African accent very well. After a lot of intrigues, half intrigues and nearly tottering on the edge of melodrama for a minute or two, the film wraps up rather well with a twist at the end. This is one of the first films shot inside the UN headquarters in New York and the director never lets us forget this for even one moment. Yet this movie could not have come at a more opportune moment – it reinforces the role of the UN in maintaining world peace and also demystifies the agency at a time when the agency has been coming under a lot of fire. This movie is worth the six dollars I spent on it.

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