Monday, May 02, 2005

Books, Bookshops and Bookworms

The weekend was purr..fect. Helped Nandini and Rajesh move to their new place on Saturday. Moving out on a rainy day is not fun at all. In between moving furniture and chowing down pizza, we did manage to find time for a heart to heart P’nPC (gossip for the uninitiated) session. Also met this lovely black feline neighbour of Nandini’s… reason enough to go back for a second visit. Subho and I came back home pretty tired and decided to stay home for dinner. Improvised a lovely Thai meal of wheat noddles with Asian pesto and stir fried tofu. Have to write the recipe down before I forget what I did.

Sunday was spent shopping. Landed up buying two books after a long time. I really miss the used book stores of Amherst. Barnes and Noble just doesn’t evoke the same feelings in me that a good used book store does, probably because:

  • the latter are mostly run by people who love reading and the former by paid store managers.
  • used book stores smell warmer, cozier and mustier; hence they are more inviting.
  • the latter just sells books and does not try to peddle the whole experience complete with coffee, cake, reading lights, headrest, lap desk etc. etc.
  • most importantly used books are cheap.

Hmmm...that's enough for now..need to get back to work.


Anoop said...

Barnes and Nobles is shit. And same goes for Borders. Try Kramers in DC. Its very small compared to any B & N but it has got a nice vibe. Though I think there is at least one thing good about B & N - it has the best magazine selection of any book store that I have seen so far. I must also mention Powells at Portland. It is not a book store, its a city! I was impressed.

Sagnik Nandy said...

yes! this reminds me of a fried of mine who has this dream of owning an old book store where he can sell cofee and old books - he calls it his ambition - so i guess there is something fascinating abt it

Anyesha said...

Anoop: I have heard of Kramers need to get myself there some day. Vertigo Books in College Park is rather nice. Its smallish but the selection is very eclectic to say the least.

Sagnik: I completely understand your friend...I have harboured ambitions of working part time in a book store for quite some time. Tell your friend to let me know when he does manage to open his store...will surely go there

Amlan said...

Something fascinating about twice told tales and stories of twice upon a time!