Monday, May 09, 2005

BLah, BlAh and some More blAH

Yeah I am so bored that I was experimenting with the Caps Lock button on my keyboard. Its is 8:00 am on a Monday morning, what did you expect? But hopefully things will improve as I imbibe the last dregs of my coffee and the caffeine starts circulating in my blood stream. Till then I shall write down the boring details of my life:

Friday: Subhamoy and I went out and fed the ducks…since its mating season, the ducks were divided into the following groups- couples (would be mama and papa ducks) and the losers (the males without a mate). The male to female ratio was a dismal 6: 1 (all those BITSians who cribbed constantly about the lack of female companionship while in Pilani should thank their stars they were not born into a duck family in Greenbelt!!). Without any potential partners the loser ducks were more keen on the food thrown at them than the males with mates (MWM’s). The MWM on the other hand kept getting all the morsels, breaking them up into smaller bits and giving them to the female….that was really cute. Later in the evening we went out to watch "The Interpreter" movie..will get around to posting a review later.

Saturday: Got the fillings in my teeth fixed after which we went to Linens and Things to buy a shoe rack. After picking up the shoe rack, we wandered around aimlessly for some time( we are afflicted by this strange malady whenever we walk through the doors of a lifestyle/home furnishing store). Came back and watched some episodes of “As Time Goes By” – one of my favourite Britcoms on DVD. The evening was spent at Vinay’s place, annoying Rajesh and generally fooling around while getting drunk. By the time dinner was served (Chris made us some awesome chicken and rice), the group had decided to watch “Tango Charlie”- an utter assault on your intellect perpetrated by a bunch of half morons back home in Mumbai. Nandini made up our minds for us and we switched to “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom”. In our semi inebriated minds Amrish Puri uttering”Shakti Deti Kali Ma” while pulling out beating human hearts with surgical precision, attained hitherto unknown pinnacles of pretentious buffoonery. Came back home and slept through the later half of SNL as usual.

Sunday: Had to babysit two kids whose collective age happens to be less than 36 months, for more than 8 hours…need I say more!!

This Weeks Movie: Walked out of “Black” on Friday evening (after “Black”, feeding the ducks was therapeutic).The director and the whole lot of actors somehow felt that a person without sound and sight is also without brains. As a result, the little Rani Mukherjee is played by a kid who had managed to walk off the sets of the Zee Horror Show and wander into this one. The Mom and Dad behave like a bunch of manic depressives. Amitabh is completely over the top- first as a near blind teacher and then as an old man with Alzheimer’s. I don’t know why most Indians gush over Amitabh – the guy only made box office masala hits in the 70’s. He was not the greatest actor he was just the most successful one of his times. The director should have watched Sai Paranjpe’s movie “Sparsh” for some insights before making this eminenty forgettable flick. But what else can you expect from the guy who gave us the horror called “Devdas” some time back.

And now that I feel caffeine coursing through my blood vessels, I shall get started- with work.


Amlan said...

Its rather insensitive and unfair of you to call the unpaired ducks losers!! Oh well, given that we are moving towards accepting creationism and intelligent design as acceptable alternatives to evolution, how can I even expect to talk about the inappropriateness of limiting the fitness function to ability to reproduce... but to instead look for survival of the fittest ecosystem!

Anyesha said...

Wow...I have ruffled some feathers here...just love it...but Amlan in our presently polluted world, if we start looking at the survival of the fittest ecosystem then are world will soon be over run with algae..don't you think?
And on a more lighter note, after reading Anoop's comments on my previous blog, methinks the ducks have probably decided that being gay is the flavour of the summer all we have are some fashion conscious ducks..I could live with that.