Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Big Evil WalMart

What McDonald's does to Food, WalMart does to Consumer Goods and since we share a terrible distaste for both we make it a point to stay away from both. But then off late people have been telling me how certain things are cheap at Walmart etc. etc. and on Saturday we were at Costco's which is next door to a Walmart -end result we went in and looked around. Things are really cheap there and I have to admit that I did land up buying a 9 $ robe (one of those towely things) from there...certainly not the best quality but definetely cheap. And another thing I did notice while I was there is the product lineup...most of the things on the shelves are stuff that middle class families need...no fancy stuff here. I think I will probably go back for some storage containers unless I am able to locate them at Target first!! May be I am not that impressed after all.


Amlan said...

Anyesha crosses over to the evil side!!

Ayush said...

Hope there is. For after all, does she not mention that she might not have liked it that much! Hmm, the dark side is powerful, but will she be able to resist? ... ah!

Anonymous said...

Kill Walmart! America was a better place more than two decades past!