Friday, May 06, 2005

6th December, 1992

So Dadu, our resident blue heron has found a mate methinks...good for him, now we have Dadu and Dida to look forward too on our evening walks around the lake. Subho wants them to have lots of babies who can form their own flock in our lake. Yesterday at dinner we sat around watching the Godhra movie-Final Solutions. It just made me angry so I left half way through. The others stopped watching it after sometime and we had a discussion about what we were doing on the 6th of December 1992...the day they toppled Babri Masjid. I remember clearly that my sister and I were at school when curfew was declared. We refused a ride home from a friends father as we were sure Mom would come to pick us up and she would be mad if she did not find us there. Dad was out of town as usual. Mom came with her friend who had to pick her daughters up too. The autorickshaw's were not running, so our party of five decided to walk was eerie. On the way a police van picked us up and dropped us home I believe...or was it some neighbour. ...can't remember. But after that we had a week of holidays...the irritating part of it all was that you could not go out and play as the curfew was on. But we did manage to figure out innovative games to play in the stairwells of our apartment complexes.

Now that I reflect back on it, the toppling of that ancient Masjid was as barbaric as the destruction of the Bamiyan Buddhas, but when we Indians talk about it we talk about the religious fanaticism,Hindu-Muslim riots, state sponsore terrorism...we never bother to think about the destruction of a part of our history, our heritage by people who have no understanding of it.

On a more positive note, Theron is planning to go to grad school...another bites the dust.

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