Saturday, April 23, 2005

A Thousand Dreams Such as These

Just came back from watching"A Thousand Dreams Such as These" at the DC Film Fest. It turns out that "A Thousand Dreams Such as These" is what the Film fest organisers decided to call Sudhir Mishra's latest film" Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi". I had read the reviews in The Telegraph and had dismissed it as another of those slick-commercial-but-wannabe art-housy films. The posters showing three young actors strutting thier stuff in the latest Bollywood fashion seemed to corroborate my view point. I was completely surprise by the 2.5 hour movie which followed once the lights were dimmed in the theatre. Shot as a series of love ltters between three people who are caught up in the heady ideology of their times, the film presented a very balanced view of the Naxalite movement.

Apart from the slightly anachronistic costumes ( more 90's than 70's in some places) and the fact that the what was shown as St. Stephen's College premises was more like the Hindu college premises ( how many people would actually know that), the film did create a very accurate and gritty picture of reality. And the protagonists in the film never look like they do on the publicity is this is what it takes to sell a good movie in India?? The director informed the audience during the Q and A session after the movie, that his movie was a surprise hit in India....would people still go to watch the film if the heroine was dressed in khadi saris on the posters as she is in the movie???

And before I forget, I did manage to watch " The Wild Parrots of Telegraph HIll"yesterday ...a captivating movie about a flock of wild parrots and a man who loves them. This shoe string budget movie does not have any agenda...there is no preaching about conserving the ecosystem and the planet...its just about love and finding happiness in what you do....even if it means feeding a flock of wild parrots daily for 15 years.

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