Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Spring is Here

We have been enjoying some gloriously beautiful days. The longer day makes for woderfully rejuvenating walks along the lake. The dogwood trees are in full bloom and the crocus is peeping out too.On one of my last walks I saw a beaver (a creature I had long suspected of inhabiting the woods from the tell tale signs of gnawed tree trunks) and also befriended Toby- a huge Chesapeake Bay retriever( his owner tells me that he happens to be the State Dog of Maryland).
Yesterday after a rather harrowing experience at the rental office, Subho and I went for a walk to cool off. Met a rather slow turtle who seemed stuck in the mud. Subho thought otherwise. And usual the walk ended at the Cafe where mulled over the day's happenings while polishing off a taco salad and a quiche.
Have been reading the Azar Nafisi book called" Reading Lolita in Teheran" has that slightly lyrical quality about it that I often find in books written by authors from non English speaking lands. Tried watching "Ray" two days back, am yet to finish it. I really don't feel like it though. The movie just didn't get just another movie about a yet another musician whose creative output was somehow linked to his narcotics/alcohol input.


Subhamoy Pal said...

I saw a bunch of crocusses. I think.

Anyesha said...

are you sure, they were crocusses and not flan!!!!!!!