Friday, April 08, 2005

So I watched The SpongeBob SquarePants movie again. It is hilarious, irreverent and downright juvenile. And what's more I loved it. The eponymous sponge lives in a giant pineapple in the undersea world of Bikini Bottom and is certainly not the brightest kid around. The movie revolves around SpongeBob and his dimwitted friend Patrick and their adventures as they go their merry way to find King Neptune's crown. Like all young men in adventure tales, they meet monsters and ghouls along the way, get to understand what being adult is all about and hitch a ride on David Hasselhoff's back. Finally introduced Subhamoy to my favourite Britcom -As Time Goes by. It went down rather well. Have to get myself to brush up some of my Indian history and Art type facts for the India Quiz next weekend. Raj and I have decided to participate, we should to atleast clear the semifinals.

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