Thursday, April 28, 2005

Of Blogs, Diaries and Untold Stories

I have not been very punctual in updating this blog off late. Ages and ages ago (almost seems like another lifetime) I used to write down whatever came to my mind into a little diary. It was a daily ritual- to be performed just before going to bed. But that punctuality fell by the way once I left home for Pilani. I have barely made close to ten entries in my diary after 1997. The erratic nature of my entries may be representative of my laziness, lack of interest, busy lifestyle etc. etc. But somewhere within I do know that it is symptomatic of the convoluted, complicated lives we started living (I use “we” here deliberately). Writing a diary was no longer the simple act of putting down on paper what I did or what I thought about during the day. My day was inextricably linked with those around me and it became impossible at one point to write all the stories. I just kept collecting and storing the stories in mind. That’s probably why I have so many stories (according to Subhamoy).

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