Friday, April 08, 2005

I Hate Changing Passwords

I came in this morning and logged in, only to be told that I had 5 grace logins left and I should change my password ASAP. After barely logging 5 hours of sleep last night I was positively groggy and it took me some time to comprehend what that quivering mass of plastic and sillicone was trying to tell me. It took me even longer to come up with a password and enter it in. But computer wanted an unique password which had nothing in common with my last five passwords. So some one please help need to have an unique combination of letters, numbers etc. as your password which is not easily guessable. I have used up nearly all the numbers and letter combinations which would even vaguely suggest something to me....I cannot come up with more stuff. And even if I let my imagination run riot does my moronic computer expect me to remember it along with passwords to my mailboxes, bank accounts, Web site accounts etc.etc...

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