Tuesday, March 29, 2005

A Week Flew By....

Had a lovely weekend. On Friday we were invited to Sowmya and Ritaja’s place for a potluck dinner. Subho and I took some of the Korean store dumplings. They were our favourite quick snack fix till the mango salsa came along. After dinner, the Antardhwani folks entertained the crowd till about 1:00 AM.
We finally went and bought a keyboard stand for Subhamoy’s keyboard on Saturday afternoon. Now that he can stack both his keyboards the setup looks very professional. In the evening we went to my colleagues place for another party. This was an informal farewell party for Pete. After dinner we headed out to New Deal (our favourite hang out place) for some belly dancing and beer. It was quite a surprise to know that Mark was going to perform (I had never seen Mark perform before). Though some of our friends were slightly disturbed to see a male belly dancer, I have to admit that Mark dances beautifully. As Subhamoy puts it “he dances like no one is watching”.
After all this Sunday was just wet and boring. Subho and the guys were busy practicing, so I went shopping only to discover most stores were closed for Easter. I finally went to Ikea instead!!!

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