Tuesday, March 08, 2005

A Touch of Pink

Yesterday was a beautiful 68 F spring day. After a run around the lake, Subhamoy and I settled down to watch “A Touch of Pink” with our housemate. A funny coming out movie with a South Asian lead, it has all the trimmings of a screwball comedy of its genre and some more. Alim (Jimi Mistry of The Guru fame) is a Kenyan born, Canadian citizen of Pakistani origin and if you thought that was confusing well here’s more…he is gay and lives happily with his gorgeous economist boyfriend in London. Life is PERFECT until Alim’s widowed conservative Mom comes down to bung a spanner into the well oiled machinery of his life. What follows next is a predictable charade as the hero heads for the nearest closet and insists on taking his boyfriend along (our handsome economist does not like it though…he is too tall!!!). The only slightly annoying part about the movie is the foppish spirit of Cary Grant who over enunciates and gives some real bad advice along the way as he plays an imaginary friend cum father figure to Alim. There is also a lavish South Asian wedding (“An Oscar party with saris” as the spirit of Cary Grant calls it) in the movie; thrown in just because Monsoon Wedding made Indian weddings really popular. On the whole, it’s a light comedy which trips along and does not take itself too seriously.

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