Friday, March 25, 2005

Pete's Farewell Lunch

Today most of the afternoon was spent in Pete's farewell party. It was a small affair and apart from our group there were some guys from other groups in the building. Even though Pete is just going to be next door, it felt sad to see him go. We did promise to go out and get some beers together some day. Apart from that nothing much has been happening at this end. I have been reading "Frauen" - its a collection of interviews with German women who survived the Third Riech. The books presents a whole generation of women( from school teachers to rich socialites) and their thoughts and struggles to the reader in a short story form. What struck me most was this -most of the women interviewed were too wrapped up in keeping the home fires going and staying alive to have any time to spare in grieving for the dead - Jewish or Non Jewish; and this seems to be a common thread running through narratives. Going by my progress, I will be reading this for sometime now. I plan to read " The Curious Incident of the Dog at Night Time" next.

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