Thursday, March 10, 2005

Ikea-cool, Norwegian PM -not cool

This guy needs a life. I guess most folks who buy IKEA furniture are too busy figuring out how to put their Poang chairs, Billy bookcases and Dalselv beds together to sit back and wonder about the gender of the figures in the manual. This kind of silly rhetoric just makes a mockery of women's rights and any notions of true gender equality.

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Ayush said...

I am glad anyesha that you brought up the ridiculousness to which sometimes we drive issues of social justice. Plus, how is it that often the oppressed becomes the oppressor. I do not think that feminism implies that in all situations, in every time and place every man is out to abuse a woman!! I am all for gender equality, but we need to be cautious that the pendulum does not swing the other way. In Calcutta, it was well known that if young girl accuses a boy of misconduct, no one will even hear the boy's plea even if he was innocent - now is that not injustice too.

That said, we are FAR from gender equality and women's rights when women are still battered, female infanticide is still high, and some people try dictate a woman to bear a child she does not want (and call it pro-life!). But it might be better to fight the battle where the opposition is, not in the beautifully decorated IKEA bedroom (leave that to the amorous couples).