Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The Horror of Shark Tale

I watched Shark Tale last night. If you have not watched it, forget it. Just transposing popular cultural idiom to the cartoon world may be funny the first time (it might also pass off as original), but the directors of Shark Tale made the fatal mistake of making a story out of it and failed miserably. The end result is an aquatic Times Square which is lined with retail stores called “GUP” and “Martha Sturgeon’s Flowers” and is populated with fish who represent every known stereotype in modern America (the big white shark and his vegetarian, cross dressing, soft spoken son – Need I say more!!) I don’t thinks its funny that children in a multiethnic society should watch a film in which the big white shark lives on top of the reef, the hero has a minimum wage job and peppers his sentences with “Yo Man’s” and “Yo Dawg’s”, listens to rap and also happens to live next door to a rather garish Mrs. Sanchez in what looks like the ghettoes of the reef. Who ever thought of nominating this movie for the Oscar’s.

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