Friday, March 11, 2005

A blue heron named Dadu

Yesterday Subhamoy and I decided to take a walk around the lake instead of going to the gym. It turned to be quite a dumb idea as the temperature dropped as soon as the sun started setting. But on the brighter side, we got to see the lake's resident blue heron -Dadu(I call him that because he has seems wise and patient in an old way). According to the local newspaper which published a little article on him (yes he is quite a celebrity), blue herons normally live in flocks and most of the flocks in the area head for the Patuxent River Wildlife Refuge when their home ponds and lakes freeze over. But Dadu stays put at the lake and no one has ever seen his flock; so that makes him quite unique. Like a great martial arts warrior he stands on one foot, some 50 feet from the shore and patiently waits for some hapless fish to go by. When the stupid ducks start fighting and flapping around him, he just walks away disdainfully (I think he even shakes his head in disbelief at the rowdiness of the young lot). And after what’s seems like an interminable wait, if you see him slowly moving his long neck then you know you are in for a treat; for very soon he will suddenly swoop down into the water and come out with a wriggling bit of aquatic life between his beak. Unfortunately the silly ducks started cart wheeling around him last evening and he just left in frustration, and we continued on our walk. Ah well, we will wait for another day when Dadu catches a fish and we, city dwellers will be delighted at the sight and feel connected to nature once again.