Monday, March 07, 2005

And here I am

On the eve of my 26th birthday I created a blog for myself and today I finally get around to posting something on it. I had written some stuff earlier, which I shall upload later. This weekend was really nice. Subhamoy made me a cake and got me a pair of running shoes (needed them real bad) on the night of 4th March. We went to check out the audio tour at Smithsonian Museum of Fine Arts the next day. Though we had visited the museum previously we had never taken the audio tour. Nothing can replace the experience of standing before a masterpiece, and looking at the centuries old layers of paint that define a scene and wondering about the thoughts of the artist, his times and his workplace. Rembrandt’s self portrait almost speaks to you in the broken voice of an old man as does Van Gogh’s self portrait of his inner turmoil. After we had our fill of art, Subhamoy and I moved onto relish the more corporeal pleasures of the good food offered by our favourite Indian restaurant Indique. After a nice meal of scrimp, scallop masala washed down with a Kingfisher beer (one of the little joys of visiting an Indian restaurant), it felt nice to be 26 years old.

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