Monday, February 28, 2005

Post Oscar Thoughts

So the Oscars happened last night and Million Dollar Baby did take home the Best Director, Best Movie and Best Male Supporting Actor. I was highly disappointed by the Best Actress award going to Hillary Swank and the Best Actor to Jamie Fox though. I really wanted Annette Bening to win. By the time I started watching the Oscars last night I had changed my mind and was routing for Don Cheadle in the Best Actor category. But as I mentioned in previous post, Hotel Rwanda is no match for Ray (with its larger than life icon). Surprisingly the Best Foreign Language Film Award went to "The Sea Within", another movie about a terminally ill person's right to end his life. Wonder what the right wing would make of it? This got me thinking about the whole euthanasia thing this morning. I am a firm believer in a person’s right to choose life over death. But I do understand the moral ambiguity surrounding this. When does life become unbearable and how does one decide that one cannot live anymore. Then there is the question of who should play God here...that in my humble opinion is what this fracas is all about. Is it Religion or the State? My logical answer is the Entity which gives life. Religious heads would tell me that it is God and since no one has ever seen him/her we need to follow his/her emissary in this mortal world - the Religious Establishment of ones choosing. And since this humble mortal only believes what she sees and has not seen or knows anyone who has seen God, I beg to disagree. As far as I am concerned life comes from one’s parents. My parents decided they wanted a kid and they had me...planned, premeditated and well executed with a lot of help from Nature. So only one's parents should have the right to give or take away life. And in the absence of your parents the right should be vested with one's self. Now that I have established that only parents can give or take life what happens when you have parents like Terry Schiavo's. That is another discussion for another day.

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