Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The Oscars according to Me

As a die hard cinema fan I am actually waiting for the Oscars and the disappointment that is sure to come with them. Any movie lover worth his/her salt will tell you that the Oscars is all about the glitz and glamour with some good cinema thrown in as an afterthought. But nevertheless I think it puts some very well produced and directed movies that the average man everywhere can enjoy on the global map. See what an Oscar nomination has done for "Sideways". One of last years surprisingly sweet Indie movies about two not so good looking middle aged men was largely unknown before the nominations. It was recognised at the Golden Globes...but how many people actually follow that. I recommended the movie to some of my colleagues and was asked whether it was a documentary or HBO movie, but now everyone wants to watch it. That my dears is the appeal of the Oscars. But then I know that the Best Movie Award will go to either Ray or Aviator ( both are great movies with great performances) and I guess what is more important both have big studios with deep pockets to lobby for them. And it also helps that both are about quintessentially American legends. My favorite Million Dollar Baby by contrast is a grim story of a father's love ( not the popcorn and candy image of Daddy's love). If I had my way I would love to see the following win:
1. Annette Benning - Best Actress for Being Julia
2. Johnny Depp - Best Actor for Finding Neverland
3. Sophie Okonedo - Best Supporting Actress for Hotel Rwanda
4. Morgan Freeman - Best Supporting Actor for Million Dollar Baby
5. Million Dollar Baby - Best Picture and Best Director
6. The Incredibles - Best Animated Feature

So long and I will be back after the Awards night.

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